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From motion pictures to opera.

Ever since the ancient Greeks started building amphitheaters into hillsides, we’ve been gathering in theaters for entertainment. Now venues from Toronto’s Winter Garden Theatre Center to the Futuroscope cinema in Poitiers, France can have web addresses that actually describe what they do. Use your .theater domain to post schedules, sell tickets or solicit donations online.

Live theater gets a digital home.

Actors, directors, professional and community troupes – all can register .theater for web addresses that project all the way to the back of the house. It’s also a perfect casting for all who support the industry, including costumers, set designers, makeup artists, professional guilds, drama schools and others.

Register New theater Domain

Transfer Existing theater Domain

Duration New Registration Renewal Transfer
Year 1 DH203.90 DH213.16 DH203.90
Year 2 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 3 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 4 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 5 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 6 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 7 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 8 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 9 DH203.90 DH213.16 -
Year 10 DH203.90 - -