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What is .properties?

If you have houses, buildings or land to sell or rent, .properties is a great choice for your website. Just add your city or region for a targeted, instantly recognizable web address.

Your perfect domain name is waiting.

With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. Tell ‘em you’re in the market with .properties.

Register New properties Domain

Transfer Existing properties Domain

Duration New Registration Renewal Transfer
Year 1 DH28.50 DH139.58 DH130.32
Year 2 DH157.55 DH139.58 -
Year 3 DH286.56 DH139.58 -
Year 4 DH415.61 DH139.58 -
Year 5 DH544.67 DH139.58 -
Year 6 DH673.68 DH139.58 -
Year 7 DH802.73 DH139.58 -
Year 8 DH931.74 DH139.58 -
Year 9 DH1,060.79 DH139.58 -
Year 10 DH1,189.84 - -