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.OBSERVER domain name - Generic

.OBSERVER, a new domain extension for news media organisations or individuals who run their own news-related websites and blogs. Whether your site is offering daily, alternative, political, or entertainment news, a .OBSERVER domain name clearly signals to audiences that your site is news-related. And with more and more people turning to the Internet for world, local, and speciality news, a .OBSERVER domain extension has never been more useful or necessary.

.OBSERVER domain name registration is unrestricted, so anyone can register it. It includes a free professional email address and an Alpha SSL certificate which authenticates your website whilst protecting your customers’ personal information. Your .OBSERVER domain registration also includes our Classic DNS which will ensure your website runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Transfer of .observer domain is no longer supported by NityGity

Duration New Registration Renewal Transfer
Year 1 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 2 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 3 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 4 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 5 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 6 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 7 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 8 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 9 DH51.18 DH60.44 -
Year 10 DH51.18 - -